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MEASURE YOUR OWN PD (Pupillary Distance)


If you choose not to have us measure your PD using our e-dispensing technique you may follow these simple steps to accurately measure the distance between your own pupils...


Step 1

Stand in front of a mirror and close one eye. Hold a small ruler against your brow
and line up the zero on the ruler with the centre of the pupil.

Step 2

Without moving your head swap eyes and read off the scale where the centre of the pupil falls in mm (millimetres).

This is your PD (pupillary distance)

We suggest that you take several measurements to ensure your technique is accurate and you are happy with your final result. You now have your PD ready to place an order.

What if I can't see the scale on the ruler without my spectacles?

You can slide the ruler between your brow and spectacles to enable you to see the scale accurately.


Can someone else take the measurements for me?                                  

Yes, but the instructions for this are slightly different...


The subject doesn't close either eye but just looks at the open eye of the measurer.


The measurer sits directly opposite to the subject and at the same height.


The measurer closes their left eye and lines up the zero on the ruler scale with the subjects left eye. 


Then the measurer swaps eyes (the subject stays perfectly still and now looks at the measurers other eye)


The measurer reads off the scale where the centre of the pupil of the right eye falls in mm (millimetres).


We suggest this is rehearsed a few times before you settle on your measurement. 

A second measurer can be used to check the accuracy of the first

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