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If your prescription is over 2 years old, we do recommend that you seek an up to date eye examination (remember your Optician is checking the health of your eyes not just the adequacy of your spectacles and we would never want to discourage anybody from having their routine eye test)
If your Optometrist has told you that the change is insignificant and you want your prescription made up the same as your existing glasses because your vision is fine with those, use the prescription that your current spectacles are made up to. (Swapping between prescriptions of different lens powers can cause adaptation issues and we suggest that your safety glasses are made with a lens power very similar to your everyday spectacles to ensure you are safe when wearing them in a hazardous working environment)
You will need the values on your prescription to enter them onto our order form.
Hover your mouse pointer over 'CHOOSE SAFETY FRAMES' Here you can browse frames that might suit a particular requirement.
This will determine the lens type (Vision type). You need to consider if the type of lens that you have in your everyday glasses would be suitable for the purposes you will be using your safety glasses for.
Under 47 year olds generally just need single focus lenses. If you put glasses on to see far away - you need single focus for DISTANCE, if you put them on just for close work (computer or reading) select Single focus for NEAR and if you wear them all the time you need single focus for EVERYTHING.
Once you are over 47 years old things become a bit more complicated, because your Optician may prescribe a different lens power for distance than for near. If you wear Bifocals or Varifocals then your choice might be just like for like. If, however, you wear just near/reading glasses and your workplace insist that you wear them all the time, or you dont want to be on and off with them consider a bifocal lens with Distance through the top and near at the bottom.

Note: We DON'T recomend Varifocal lenses in safety glasses for those who haven't worn them before.

If you have a specific requirement or a set working distance call or email us and we will help meet your requirements.
Work your way through the tabs on our order page. HELP ? symbols will appear in sections where you might need a bit more information. Don't be afraid to click them for a bit more advice.

The  CURRENT TOTAL: £0.00  Box will tell you where you are up to cost wise. Once you are happy with all of your selections click VIEW ORDER SUMMARY  to see the final breakdown.

You can always go back to the order page to add or delete an item. If you get stuck simply email us or call us and we will help you complete the form.
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